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Advertising in the Mount Desert Islander.

Here are 6 reasons why we should be your first choice when advertising:

1. We’re Local.

We publish news for all of Mount Desert Island. We don’t focus on state and national news. However, we do, from time to time, comment editorially on issues that affect us all. Because we’re local, our newspapers have become a necessary part of life in the communities we serve.

2. We’re a Bargain.

The cost of reaching 13,842 households in your primary market compares most favorably with other options available in our market area. And, design of your ad is always FREE.

3. We’re Innovative.

We can design your Web site, provide e-commerce and show you how to tie them both to your newspaper advertising.

4. We’re Community.

Our 63 employees are your friends and neighbors. We pay taxes here, we bank here, we shop and volunteer here.

5. We Work Harder for You.

We strive for outstanding service in all respects. Knowing that competition is fierce, we work hard to assure our advertising customers the most for the dollars they spend with us.

6. Our Market Is Your Market.

The readers we attract come from all age and social groups, but the majority are year-round residents who have settled down, bought a home and have a growing family. They have high average household incomes, making them very desirable prospects for most businesses to reach.

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