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The July 12th Issue of the Islander

Maine retailing icon L.L. Bean is giving an entire new meaning to giving something the “boot” this week. They have dispatched their motorized “Bootmobile” to Mount Desert Island to be part of Acadia Family Fun Day on Sunday. The boot will be parked at the Jackson Lab where shuttles will pick folks up to take them to activities at Sieur de Monts Spring. There’s plenty of other fun to go around, too, as folks on the soon-to-be-not-so-Quietside ramp up for this year’s Flamingo Festival. Where else can you go and actually meet the man who invented the shockingly pink plastic lawn ornament?

On the waterfront in Bar Harbor, the controversial West Street Hotel has opened and welcomed high-brow guests to its $419 and up a night rooms. While that may be a decidedly upscale place, at the opposite end of the scale – down home – it’s the end of an era on Route 3 in Bar Harbor where the much-loved Pie Lady has announced she’s hanging up her apron. Where the more than 100 people who bought her pies each day will go now is up in the air.

And speaking of high, in this week’s police report, readers will learn that if you’re going to use a fake ID to go out drinking, it’s best to avoid one from a person who has bail conditions prohibiting consumption of alcohol.

When it comes to the high seas, it’s good to have friends nearby when your cabin cruiser begins to fill with water and sink. Find out what happened when that exact scenario befell a Manset couple last week.

Whether it’s performers hitting high notes at the Bar Harbor Music Festival or Little Leaguers fielding fly balls, whatever went up or came down recently on Mount Desert Island is in this week’s paper.

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