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The September 13th Issue of the Islander

With a nod to “Larry the Cable Guy,” this week’s issue seems to have the theme of “Git ‘er done!”

Whether it’s the chainsaw-wielding woman from Bar Harbor who won first place in a recent Lumberjill competition in New York, or the young lady who interned at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory this summer who was mentioned in President Barack Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention, or Acadia volunteer coordinator Jonathan Gormley working on beach cleanup, folks in this week’s paper are in motion.

Speaking of motion, a proposal to restore ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia has been put forth, but, unfortunately, the provincial government that will be paying most of the proposed subsidy favors a terminal in Portland instead of Bar Harbor.

The island also may have a few less Canadian visitors for another reason following a Mount Desert Island High School board decision not to permit 1,400 bicyclists from Quebec to campout and use the facility next August. The school’s no alcohol rule is to blame as apparently riders do not want to do without their evening glass of wine.

And, in keeping with the theme of international flair, be sure to check out this week’s sports story about a visiting coach swearing at referees in Italian.

The possibility that a sunken sailboat in Frenchman Bay may interfere with cruise ships needing to anchor near where it sank last week has officials scrambling to see if they need to take a voyage to the bottom of the sea to straighten things out.

Of course, if you really want to find out how to fix the world, there’s nothing like the suggestions proposed by writers of this week’s letters to the editor. You get all that, plus informative advertisements, arts and entertainment news, police beat and a visit to this week’s Bobbistock Festival in Trenton, in this week’s issue.

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