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The October 18th Issue of the Islander

Cars on Route 3 trying to get out of Bar Harbor last week weren’t going anywhere fast but state department of transportation officials are now hustling to deal with the reasons behind delays due to construction in Trenton that left some people sitting in their cars for more than two hours. A return to night work and changing the timing on the traffic light at the head of the island are some of the steps being taken to help people get off the rock faster.

Speaking of rock, neighbors of a granite quarrying operation in Hall Quarry won the support of selectmen in Mount Desert who unanimously recommended passage of a six-month moratorium slated for the Nov. 6 ballot. Noise from the drills and saws used to cut the stone has neighbors gnashing their teeth.

On the oral hygiene front, helping people in Southwest Harbor reduce their need to go to the dentist to have their teeth drilled is being questioned there as officials contemplate eliminating fluoridation of the drinking water supply. Whether nor not the decision is made based on solid science or shaky conjecture and Internet myths remains to be seen.

In Bar Harbor officials are calling for a committee to study if it makes sense to allow hunters to shoot deer in town, a practice that has been banned since the 1930s. Some land owners are complaining that the deer are damaging their property and stealing food from their gardens. If only those dastardly garden-variety thieves could be carted off to prison.

Avoiding jail is what the former owner of a Somesville consignment shop hopes to do with an arrangement with a prosecutor in Connecticut related to her alleged theft of tens of thousands of dollars in household items and antiques from a former friend. Many of those items were recovered in Maine where additional legal entanglements await.

All that, election season letters, sports coverage, maritime news, ads for end-of-season sales, and more, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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