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The October 25th Issue of the Islander

It’s hard to say the word “Zumba” in Maine these days without hearing a lot of snickering. And, while Mount Desert Island doesn’t have a major prostitution scandal brewing, there’s been no shortage of news. Most seems to revolve around complaints about traffic jams. Of course, that means in an effort to reduce complaints, roads have to be rebuilt and redesigned. That means road reconstruction, which, you guessed it, means more delays and traffic.

Anyway, work is slated to begin on the reconfiguration of the intersection of Crooked Road, Knox Road and Route 102 in Town Hill. The primary benefit here is that once the work is through, you’ll be able to get to the next traffic jam at the head of MDI even faster.

Last week, ambulance crews were stretched thin and traffic backed up at the head-of-the-island light due to a three-car accident at the end of the so-called “alternate merge” lane. Local drivers are beginning to learn that the words “alternate merge” are actually French for “go like hell and don’t yield.”

The head of the island is the setting for another story this week: the Parkadia Exxon store is being auctioned off after years of falling sales. The owner’s take on what’s to blame….the changes made in the traffic pattern to ease congestion.

Folks on the island are reacting with sadness this week to the news of a double murder in Lamoine. The suspect was shot and killed by police. Along with another fatal shooting there earlier this year, it makes the murder rate in that town of 1,600 almost one per 500 residents. That’s four times higher than in America’s most violent city, Flint, Mich.

All is not gloom and doom, however. The dance festival at the Criterion went swimmingly, Dr. O. Lee Haynes won the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce’s Cadillac Award, and the MDI High football team won and made the playoffs.

All that, plus a complete guide to this year’s election, letters and opinions, great ads for local steals and deals, and more in this week’s issue.

And, for those inquiring minds who want to know – just what is going on with the appearance of a sign in Town Hill advertising “Zumbah?”

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