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The November 8th Issue of the Islander

It was a good day to be a Democrat on Mount Desert Island on Tuesday with area towns running for the most part true blue. Brian Hubbell was elected in District 35 and Rep. Walter Kumiega was reelected in District 36.

Incumbent Republican Senator Brian Langley, who noted throughout the campaign that he was often on the outs with Gov. Paul LePage, squeaked out a win county-wide but was far from first choice for many voters in towns around MDI.

Continuing its reputation as a progressive place, the island backed President Barack Obama, supported marriage equality and liked the idea of spending money to acquire public lands. Road bonds were a big hit too, no doubt fueled by all the soul searching done while prospective voters have been stuck in lengthy traffic jams.

Of course, the elections aren’t the only news this week with officials in Mount Desert approving the purchase of TASER stun guns for police officers there. For many voters numbed by this year’s overwhelming and negative campaigning, those devices might just come in handy to help tune out the scrum next time.

If those TASERS don’t work, police can always resort to throwing rocks, providing they can find some now that the town has approved a moratorium on quarry operations.

In Bar Harbor, crews managed to salvage the area’s own salvage barge that sank during the remnants of Hurricane Sandy. And, this is the weekend for the annual Pajama Sale where folks dress up in sleepwear and invade local stores and restaurants in search of deals. That is followed by the bed races. How all that zany activity differs from the last days of the campaign season remains to be seen.

All that, classified ads, letters and views, sports, entertainment, and visit with the construction crews working on Route 3 at night in Trenton, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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