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The November 15th Issue of the Islander

Fireworks complaints have taken off in Southwest Harbor with officials there urging selectmen to ban the noisy devices at all times save the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. Part of the problem, one resident suggests, stems from summer residents who stay up late because “they are on a perpetual vacation.”

There will be plenty of fireworks in Seal Harbor where residents are just finding out that Acadia National Park plans to close the Stanley Brook Road entrance for extensive maintenance next summer which likely means more traffic on an already-crowded Jordan Pond Road.

Perhaps some of that traffic can use a new mile-long road proposed by developer Shepard Harris in Town Hill.

In Bar Harbor, a 5-year-old girl let off the school bus at the wrong stop was found safe, asleep at an unoccupied home owned by a former babysitter after two hours last week. Bus company officials have pledged to do a little more babysitting of substitute drivers to avoid the same situation happening again in the future.

Paying the metaphorical driver his due was the order of the court in Ellsworth recently when consignment shop owner Dianna Brochendorff was ordered to pay a former landlord some $35,000 in back rent and fees. Collecting may be the problem as Ms. Brochendorff is nowhere to be found.

What was found last week was the hulk of the barge Tubby, resting on the bottom of Bar Harbor where it sank during Hurricane Sandy. Come along as the Islander profiles what went into raising the not-so-Titanic vessel.

All that and more news, sports and a special holiday gift and entertainment guide, in this week’s issue.

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