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The November 22nd Issue of the Islander

In the Wizard of Oz, which is now playing again on TV, as is traditional around Thanksgiving, Dorothy and her pals head off down the Yellow Brick Road repeating “Lions and tigers and bears…Oh, my!”

Well, as Mount Desert Island residents sit in traffic this week or bounce over the last stretches of unpaved road in Trenton (it will be done Wednesday, the state promises), the refrain might just as well be “robbers and rollovers and resignations...Oh, my!” from the looks of the Islander’s front page.

Given the choice of a job without his dog or a dog without a job, Swans Island Police Chief Jerry Michaud chose the latter, although he ended up giving the dog, which recently killed a smaller dog owned by a neighbor, away.

While the chief refused to roll over for selectmen, several vehicles didn’t get that memo this week as the seasonal scourge of black ice begins again on area roadways. One pickup driver ended up in the ditch on Tuesday morning in Tremont.

And, when it comes to hiding the disguise he used to rob Rite Aid in Bar Harbor last week, the robber had better ditch those ugly blue crocs he wore to make his getaway with narcotic drugs. If holding up drugstores in Maine for pain pills were an Olympic sport, we’d definitely be the land of champions.

Longtime MDI High volleyball coach Todd Brophy is stepping down, ending an era for that sport. And on the maritime front, there may have been a gold rush mentality surrounding the elver fishery in Maine last fall but some folks decided to cash in without following the rules. Find out how heavy fines may be a disincentive for illegal entry next year.

All that and money-saving deals, letters and a visit to a special place in Trenton called Snugglemagic Farm in this week’s issue.

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