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The November 29th Issue of the Islander

Being on the hunt seems to be the catchphrase of the week with officials in Mount Desert Island contemplating a survey of taxpayers (all those who rent apparently don’t count) about whether or not MDI should allow deer hunting. The survey will also ask if landowners would allow hunting, which may draw a different response. More than half the island is Acadia National Park where hunting is banned.

When it comes to being in the crosshairs it doesn’t help to be one of the elderly or disabled residents of the Harbor Hill Housing complex in Bar Harbor. College of the Atlantic officials have announced their intentions to buy the building for student housing. This is the third such privately-owned complex to give lower income residents the boot in recent years in favor of seasonal owners, seasonal workers, and now students.

Where that leaves the more than two dozen present occupants, some of whom are recent refugees from similar sales is, literally, up in the air. Perhaps the new occupants will enjoy watching the local deer strolling across the lawn each evening as much as the present tenants, providing, of course, they don’t get shot first (I mean the deer of course).

The hunt is on for a new President at Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Company in Bar Harbor with the announcement that Joe Murphy will be retiring next June. His talent and gut instincts have helped lead the bank through a period of remarkable growth.

Speaking of gut checks, the whereabouts of a container full of scallop guts mistakenly put in the wrong car at the Somesville One Stop this week has been discovered. Only in Maine can someone drive around all afternoon with a bunch of shellfish entrails in formaldehyde in the back seat and not realize it.

All that, a story on how area residents are helping the victims of Superstorm Sandy, and the latest in holiday happenings, special sales, sports and more in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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