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The December 13 Issue of the Islander

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with every page you turn.

While there isn’t a tree in the Grand Hotel (it’s closed for the season silly) there’s way more than one in the park as well. Santa and the holiday spirit was everywhere last week and the Islander’s reporters, true scribes dedicated to crafting the first draft of history and leaving no story untouched, were there to document every smile and ho, ho, ho.

Of course when it comes to Christmas presents it doesn’t get much bigger than the possibility of a new, $7.5-million police and fire station complex in Bar Harbor. Whether or not the town’s elves are willing to foot the tax bill for it remains to be seen.

Over in Southwest Harbor a selectman said Tuesday he knows exactly why Mount Desert Island is overrun with deer. Why it’s the federal guvment’s fault. If Acadia National Park only did more clear cutting to create fresh browse for the deer they would be fine. It’s allowing the park land to return to its natural climax forested state that is the problem.

“Oh deah!” was the reaction of one Tremont landowner this week when he discovered that checking off a box on his property tax form to allow access resulted in town officials equating his private island with a public park. The eraser came out quickly after last week’s story, and the metaphorical “no trespassing” signs are back up.

Folks around MDI marked 12/12/12 with little fanfare but it’s really next Friday, 12/21/12 that’s got everyone worried. That’s when some “ancient alien theorists” and other experts on arcane subjects that don’t really exist, believe some dusty old Mayan calendar carved on a broken stone predicts the world as we know will end.

That will only happen if, in fact, Congress and the President reach a deal to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff on that day. Then there is all likelihood that the world will spin off its axis and crash into a blue moon because pigs are flying to get the heck out of hell as it freezes over.

Meanwhile, back in Bar Harbor, elderly and disabled tenants at Harbor Hill Estates turned out in force at a planning board meeting to protest College of the Atlantic’s plans to buy their apartment building and turn it into student housing with classrooms and offices. When it comes to preserving habitat for the elderly and disabled, many are wondering who will step up to keep them from becoming an endangered species.

High School basketball season has started. For you last minute shoppers you can always adopt a whale for Christmas. And, meet a Bar Harbor man who literally, has reinvented the wheel. All of that, money-saving ads, and more, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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