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The December 20th Issue of the Islander

In the wake of the mass school shooting in Connecticut, Mount Desert Island officials are re-examining security plans at schools here. Find out what happens in the case of ‘what if?’

Bar Harbor Police have made an arrest in the case of a man who they say stole guns from a local inn and planned to use them to buy drugs. Drugs feature in another story this week with details coming to light in the case of the recent Rite Aid robbery.

All across Mount Desert Island U.S. Postal Service customers may be wondering what the future holds as plans to curtail hours and close smaller units are explored. How offering reduced service will help turn the tide at a time people are rushing to embrace competitors, remains to be seen.

Of course everything going on here on Mount Desert Island may come to a screaming halt if, in fact, the world does come to an end on Friday as some pseudo Mayan scholars believe. Find out why there’s a pretty good chance that won’t happen in the Islander’s exclusive interview with cultural historian and Latin American expert Todd Little-Siebold of College of the Atlantic.

Speaking of COA, one of the school’s founders, Father Jim Gower, passed away this week. Along with his work to establish and grow the college, Father Gower was also a strident activist for peace and justice and worked tirelessly in the community to establish adequate housing for area senior citizens. That fact is not lost on the residents of Harbor Hill Estates where he lived until recently. Their complex is being eyed, by COA, for use as a dorm.

Of course, it’s not all gloom and doom at Christmas time, so come along as reporter Mark Good interviews Charlotte Lawson in Bernard who shares her holiday spirit each year with scores of people driving by her home. And, in continuance of a decade-long holiday tradition, there’s an original Christmas Story to read to your children in this issue.

All that, along with a Christmas Church Service schedule, sports and maritime news, money-saving advertisements, classifieds, real estate and more, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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