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The January 10th Issue of the Islander

Acadia National Park officials this week responded to comments made recently by Tremont Selectmen that a perceived overabundance of deer on Mount Desert Island are the blame of the park’s forest management practices.

Of course the park’s one and only management policy is to be hands off and let nature take its course.

Park biologists believe the relatively tasty gardens and ornamental shrubs of island residents may, in fact, be luring the deer into developed areas.

Developer Pam Gleichman’s application to withdraw the Harbor Hill subsidized housing complex in Bar Harbor from the federal program that helps underwrite it, hit a snag this week. Officials determined it was far from complete. How that may affect College of the Atlantic’s plans to evict elderly and disabled residents so the building can be used as a dorm remains to be seen.

Plans for a new $8.8-million hotel on the site of the abandoned Summit House in Bar Harbor have been found complete by the planning board. The board, with little fanfare, has also approved plans for a new auto repair shop in Town Hill and a used bookstore in a building owned by the Jesup Library. The Jesup is also shooting for the stars this week with the announcement it now has a telescope to lend out and will be working with a local astronomy club.

Speaking of stars, at the library in Northeast Harbor this week, an exhibit of paintings by artist Robert Shetterly focuses on those who tell the truth. Another luminary from Northeast Harbor, Gunnar Hansen, sits down with reporter Mark Good this week to talk about the part he played in the new movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” a remake of the classic horror film in which he starred.

Finally, it seems there’s a catch, with last year’s record lobster landings. Find out why fishermen seem to be hauling in ever more lobsters by weight while ending up with lighter wallets in the long run.

All that, plus sports, money-saving ads, movie listings, coming events, and the tale of a hapless driver who crashed into a police cruiser during a routine traffic stop, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

The Mount Desert Islander is located at 310 Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine.  For more information please contact us at (207) 288-0556 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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