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The January 17th Issue of the Islander

The flap over the start of the National Hockey League’s season left sports fans everywhere holding their collective breath. Big time hockey doesn’t start until this weekend but there’s been plenty of action over the puck at the underwater hockey league at the MDI YMCA. Come along as reporter Blake Davis dons fins, a mask, and uses some underwater photography gear that would make Jacque Cousteau jealous, so Islander readers can enjoy it too.

Postal patrons in offshore island communities were able to breathe a sigh of relief this week with news the US Postal Service will keep those post offices open at least six hours per day. As our story notes, however, the fate of other small offices in village around MDI is far from certain.

As television mobster Tony Soprano liked to point out, money flows uphill and you-know-what flows downhill. Well the downhill has hit the fan in Augusta where the Governor has proposed curtailing revenue sharing payments to towns for several years. That means property tax payers on MDI could have to make up hundreds of thousands of dollars in differences. Dick Broom outlines what it means to your community.

Cash is on the mind of area lobstermen contemplating state suggestions how to limit the supply of lobsters during times of glut to keep prices high. The cost of doing so may just be more than fishermen want to bear. Stay tuned.

During the 1960s, Dr. Timothy Leary encouraged folks to “tune in, turn on and drop out.” Apparently too many students at Mount Desert Island High School are taking that message literally. School officials are working hard to grasp the depth of the problem and come up with some solutions.

When it comes to seeing the world through an abstract lens, photographer Steven Redgate of Bar Harbor comes to mind. Read all about his new show at the library in Southwest Harbor. And, speaking of Southwest Harbor, one of the town’s most well-known houses has had a makeover and has found a new home.

All that, plus sports, community news, coming events, and money-saving ads, in this week’s Islander.

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