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The January 31st Issue of the Islander

We’re long past “1984” much less “Space 1999.” But it appears that George Orwell was right. Big Brother is watching, or least has plans to take a few photos. Hancock County towns are being asked if they wish to purchase detailed aerial photos of every inch (literally) of their community. There’s an upsell to get resolution high enough to see individual empty Allen’s Coffee Brandy bottles left lying around your yard. Fortunately there’s still time to get the dooryard tidied up before over flights begin.

College of the Atlantic is stepping back from its plan to purchase an elderly and disabled housing complex for use as a dorm. If the plan does proceed they promise to involve residents there from the get go.

Speaking of get up and go, MDI resident Gary Allen is back after his 700-mile run from Cadillac Mountain to Washington D.C. We caught up to him at the airport as he returned to the arms of loved ones.

Anyone flying over Hulls Cove last week would have seen a lot of smoke thanks to a stubborn dryer fire there. And, if you are planning on taking a scenic flight in the near future in the vicinity of Somesville, be sure to set your altimeter a little higher as AT&T has formally applied for a 120-foot cell tower there.

Orwell once wrote that “Political chaos is connected with the decay of language... one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.” We’ll take that challenge.

After all, Chaos is the way of the universe and, if you have any doubts, be sure to check out next week’s Science Café lecture by Dr. Dave Feldman about the mathematics of chaos, as profiled on this week’s arts page.

All that, and our modest attempts to put some kind of order to the universe of your week on Mount Desert Island, in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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