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The February 21st Issue of the Islander

Any issue of a newspaper can be distilled down to the title of a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western – “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Well, the good is especially good this week with the Mount Desert Island High School Girls Swim Team taking first place at the states on Tuesday night.

As far as bad goes, those who fail to behave at MDI High may want to take notice that school officials are considering having a full-time cop stationed at the school. Blow off your homework and you may be looking at some serious detention.

As far as Academy Awards go, the best actor nod will probably not be going to the suspect who tried to tell police this week that the “dude” went that-a-way. Police didn’t buy it for a second.

You can find that “gem” in this week’s story about charges being filed in a jewelry theft case.

Guess, as Dirty Harry would say “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”

A Mount Desert Island landmark is seeing some new life with news that the former Parkadia Store at the head of the island will be reopening. All you caffeine addicts will be disappointed to hear, however, that the rumor brewing about it being a Dunkin Donuts does not appear to be true.

Changing more property in Town Hill to a business zone may not exactly be everyone’s cup of tea. The Bar Harbor Planning Board is presently considering a proposal from several area businessmen and wants to hear from the public.

A Bar Harbor bar owner has had to face the music in small claims court. Find out what the downside is for playing copyrighted material without proper payment.

Also in this week’s issue is our annual Overview section spotlighting the entire county’s economic activity and outlook for the coming year.

Of course, Clint’s most famous line of all was when he asked a perp if they felt lucky. Lucky is exactly how one man on Swans Island feels after being one of only 4 people, out of 5,000 applicants, to get an elver fishing license for next year.

As far as Islander readers go, how could you feel anything but lucky when you’ve got as much to read as we’ve packed into this week’s issue. No need to talk to an empty chair. Just enjoy.

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