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The February 28th Issue of the Islander

Who is up, who is down and who ends up in the water seems to be the theme of this week’s Islander.

The possibility of federal budget sequesters going into effect on Friday holds enormous impact for Acadia National Park. From an employment standpoint the park is running on fumes with a freeze in place on hiring replacements for full-timers that leave and no ability to hire the traditional cadre of seasonal rangers.

Area property taxpayers may also be feeling the metaphorical pain at their pump with news that reductions in state funding of education could cost half a million dollars next year.

In the meantime, MDI High’s graduation rate remains slightly below the state average. Much of that has to do with the fuzzy math officials in Augusta use to calculate the rate, local officials said.

While some levels of government are cutting back, Bar Harbor is ready to open a $640,000 port security building paid for largely with federal stimulus finds. Just how stimulating those moving their offices to the waterfront location, including police chief Nate Young, find the view, remains to be seen.

For sure, had anyone been there last night they might have seen the two shrimp fishermen who fell out of their punt and had to swim for their lives in the 36-degree water.

While some may worry about the decay of western civilization, at least folks on the town water system in Southwest Harbor haven’t had to fight tooth disease all by themselves. They’ve been fluoridating the water there for more than 50 years. That may change, however, at town meeting in May.

It’s never a good thing when good belfries go bad. And, it’s not just Denmark where things are rotten these days. Folks in Mount Desert are looking to replace rotten belfries on the Old Schoolhouse Museum and on the Hall in Otter Creek.

At least in Southwest Harbor, a belfry there is being reunited with its bell, and, according to those at St. John’s Church, it feels so good.

All that, and other “appealing” stories in this week’s Islander including high school basketball tournament action, money saving classifieds, a preview of the Maine Fishermen’s Forum and more.

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