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The March 7th Issue of the Islander

Garrrison Keillor likes to think that Lake Wobegon is a place “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” He must have been thinking about Mount Desert Island, however as this week’s issue is filled with the positive state and national accomplishments of our younger residents. Of course, a quick look at the opposite end of the Down East decorum spectrum in Island Police provides a clear lesson why statisticians prefer to go with an average.

By now everyone knows about getting their 15 minutes of fame. In the case of several folks from Mount Desert Island it’s more like an hour and a half after the Comedy Central Network did a video segment on the Colbert Monday night about the Great MDI Scallop Guts caper.

The story, about a fisherman who left a bucket pf scallop guts for a University of Maine researcher in the wrong car at the Somesville One Stop last November, definitely falls under the heading “you can’t make this stuff up.” Check out the local reaction in the paper and follow the link in our digital edition to see the video itself.

Hiking alone in Acadia’s backcountry in winter is not recommended. Those who desire proof will enjoy reading this week’s park rescue story about the 65-year old man from Brewer who fell and apparently broke his hip while climbing the south ridge of Cadillac Mountain in the dark last week. Without cell service he lay on the ground for nearly five hours before another hiker chanced along.

Speaking of “Duh!” some folks over in Southwest Harbor are arguing that the installation of radio-emitting “smart” meters by the water department is not an intelligent decision. Refusing to have one in your home will result in a $140 annual penalty so it will be interesting to see where the “smart” money finally ends up.

And, what would be a week without a little proselytizing by Down East Maine’s most prodigious pistol packing preacher?

When it comes to the newest edition of the Mount Desert Islander we like to think it’s a publication where the stories are all succinct, the subjects are all scintillating and the advertisements are just plain stimulating. That, of course is up to us to say. Perhaps we could run that by Garrison Keillor first?

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