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The April 4th Issue of the Islander

April Fools’ Day is over but the joke may be on Maine as the ferry terminal on Eden Street, sold for $1 to Canadians in the 1980s, could cost several million dollars to reclaim. So much for that exchange rate.

Also costly is the plan to rebuild Route 3 from Hulls Cove to downtown Bar Harbor, slated to start two summers from now. Bikers and walkers can rejoice, as the plan includes paved shoulders and a multi-use path.

Bikers have yet another reason to love Mount Desert Island, as the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce recently declared mid-April through mid-May “Bike in Acadia Month.” Never mind the troubling delay in the gates of the Park swinging open, get those wheels spinning and enjoy car-free roads and seaside vistas.

Also enjoying the view are a slew of pigeons, whose penchant for perching on the new port security building on the pier in Bar Harbor has town councilors scrambling for a solution.

Meanwhile the elver season marches on, and as any profitable enterprise, it is not without its fair share of controversy. Learn who is getting territorial and why the so-called gold rush is heating up.

As the saying goes, if you do the crime, you do the time. A burglar who pilfered from a property on Swans Island last year learned just how long that trip to jail will be.

Ashley Bryan opens a new window on God at the church on Islesford and author Christina Baker-Kline talks about her latest book “Orphan Train.”

And, the high school baseball and softball seasons kick off this week.

Find out what’s in the water in Tremont, what Southwest Harbor residents might want out of their water, where a much-debated cell tower can be expected, and see all the money-saving ads and more in this week’s Mount Desert Islander.

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